Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's Officially Ski Season for the Bobcats!

This week is the Bates Alpine Ski Team's first week on snow and we couldn't be happier!
After finally getting low temperatures to blow snow,  Sunday River is up and running!
We are also super excited to head over to Colorado next week for some awesome training to kick off the season. We will be skiing at Loveland and Echo Mountain. By the time we get back from Colorado we will be ready to start training at Sunday River in both events and get prepared for the first races of the season which are only a few weeks away.

Take a look at the view we had today skiing!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Ski Season is Almost Here!

With our ski season right around the corner (only about 3 weeks!!) , the alpine bobcats have been working extra hard to be in the best shape for when we go on snow.
Our captains have worked really hard on amping up our dryland program this fall and so far the results are great!
Take a look at some of the agility work we have been doing!

2014/2015 Ski Season Highlights

2014/2015 Bates Alpine Ski Season Highlights:

  • Kelsey Chenoweth (2017) makes first appearance at NCAAs hosted by St. Lawrence
  • Womens Alpine 5th at NCAA East Regionals in Slalom
    • Chenoweth (12th place), Johnson (15th place)
  • Womens Alpine 4th at UVM Carnival in Slalom
    • Hayes (13th place), Chenoweth (14th place), Ryder (17th place), Antonelli (19th place)
  • Men's Alpine at St. Michael's Carnival
    • GS: Bradbury (17th place), Dirstine (33rd place)
    • SL: Pyke (25th place), Dirstine (27th place), Bullen (28th place)
  • Women's Alpine 5th in GS and Slalom at Bates Carnival
    • GS: Chenoweth (10th place), Hayes (19th place), Ryder (29th place)
    • SL: Chenoweth (10th place), Ryder (15th place), Johnson (16th place)
  • Men's Alpine at Bates Carnival
    • GS: Dirstine (22nd place), Bradbury (30th)