Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer Update

With less than month left until everyone heads back to school here is a little summary of what the alpine team has been doing the past few months.

For starters two of our fabulous skiers (Sierra and Hannah) are now abroad for fall semester, Sierra down under in Melbourne Australia, and Hannah just made it to Namibia Africa!
While in Melbourne Sierra was able to get in touch with one of our incoming freshman skiers, Annabel Mahon, and got to ski with her for a few days at Mt. Buller!

Many of our other skiers were able to hit the slopes over the summer too.
Two incoming freshmen, Griffin and Tagert Mueller, were able to ski at Whistler, and Hannah was also at Whistler this summer.

We have so much to look forward to this season including the fact that we have 8 incoming freshmen, yes thats right 4 boys and 4 girls. We have quite the full team this season and we will definitely be taking advantage of that! 

Go Bobcats!

(Sierra left, Annabel right, skiing at Mt Buller)

(Griffin and Tagert in Whistler)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NCAA Regionals/Middlebury Carnival

Our final carnival was this past weekend at the Middlebury Snow Bowl.
This carnival marked the last carnival for our seniors Chris Bradbury, Cody Bullen, and Tanner Dirtstine. We will miss you guys!

Result wise some of our women had impressive GS results, and Chris Bradbury had a good GS race as well.

Unfortunately no one from our team will be heading to NCAAs after this years qualification proved to be extremely competitive, especially on the women's side where a few of us just barely missed the last few spots.
Overall our team had a good season full of consistent skiing and solid results. We had some great team scores on the women's side such as our 3rd place at the UVM carnival and being consistently in the top 5 for both GS and SL. After this years results full of career bests and team bests we are very excited for the next carnival season and the remainder of the fis races we will be doing.

Middlebury results:
Chenoweth 9th
Johnson 15th
Ryder 19th
Antonelli 32nd
Bradbury 24th
Dirstine 43rd

Chenoweth 12th
Johnson 14th
Ryder 26th
Antonelli 31st
Fordyce 34th
Glasgow 42nd
Dirstine 48th

Monday, February 22, 2016

Williams Carnival

We just raced our 5th carnival of the season at Jiminy Peak and Berkshire East for the Williams Carnival. There were some strong individual performances by both the women and men.
We are now looking forward to the last carnival at Middlebury this coming Friday and Saturday as we make a final push for NCAAs.
results from Williams:
Ryder 14th
Johnson 17th
Antonelli 33rd

Lash 27th
Cooper 28th
Dirstine 35th

Johnson 18th
Ryder 19th
Antonelli 34th

Malone 39th
Bullen 40th
Lash 47th